Cough It Up!

We live in a land where things get stolen all the time. We try to guard and protect, but we fall victim to such things as credit card theft and even car theft. In the spiritual realm, stealing is going on in too many Christians because the devil has a strategy for theft. The enemy is in the business of ripping off things that eab911541c72664a8f1a0782cadf8e10don’t belong to him! The devil doesn’t need your car or your house or even your money, but he wants to steal your spiritual treasures.
In John 10, the thief comes to steal and destroy but Jesus came to give us life in all its fullness. In Job 20, God will make the devil cough it up and not keep in his stomach. Restitution is divine reversal!  Restitution is the legal act of restoring a condition or restoring to the rightful owner to its previous state. It means to get it back and to get it back like brand new.
From Genesis to Revelation God is a restorer! Job lost everything that he had including all of his flocks, his children, his wealth and his health. The devil took everything he had but God restored JobGive-me-Back-my-stuff-Email and gave him double for his trouble. Stop giving the enemy cough drops and cough medicine! Instead, make him cough it up! Maybe it’s physically where the enemy has attacked your body or your finances. Maybe your peace and joy have been stolen. We still come to church, but not with the same the energy and passion. Your fire has been stolen and you have been ripped off!  You could feel like God has lost your number or God has forgotten you. But God has every hair on your head numbered and He has not forgotten you. God remembered Hannah and gave her a son! God remembered Noah and dried up the flood!
God, remember me and give me back my stuff!