How Much Longer, Lord?

There is no person that enjoys waiting in line. If you are in traffic it always seems that your line of traffic is the slowest. That concept is the same in department and grocery store lines and even in church. Often, it seems that our one of our spiritual gifts is impatience and not patience. But the waiting process is not all bad. In this process God is molding us to become more like Him and making us ready for His promises. But the question still lingers is how long will God let this happen in my life? Remember that God is faithful and will deliver you on time.

In John 5, a man has been waiting by a pool staring at the water and watching for the slightest ripple. The man was waiting for an angel to stir and then be the first one in the water to receive healing for his sickness. But he has been in line for 38 years and could only watch other people get healed and blessed. The man probably thought about quitting. This was a real struggle and had to be incredibly frustrating. It looks like from all natural evidence that he will never be healed but Jesus shows up. Jesus is Lord over our circumstances and shows up in perfect time.

Somebody’s dream is on life support and you’re about to pull the plug. You are in the fight of your life and you just don’t feel like you’ve got any fight left. Be encouraged!

Hold on! Jesus is coming! Faith never quits! The difference between success and failure is just getting up one more time than you fall. The main ingredient of this man’s miracle was persistence. Your Faith must never quit! Your money may run out, your feelings may run out or even friends may run out! But your faith will carry you through!