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It’s Time To Go Swimming!

Have you ever watched children in the kiddie pool?  The children doing their best to splash someone and trying to have fun. But there comes a time when we outgrow the kiddie pool and move into deeper waters. What if they wanted to stay in the kiddie pool?  Putting in a spiritual perspective, do we stay in our smallness too long. Is it possible to drown in shallowness? One piece of advice is to stretch yourself!  We have been in shallow waters for too long that it seems we are more committed to making better church members and not more disciples.

In Ezekiel 47, the Prophet Ezekiel is given a vision of a river that springs forth from God’s Throne. God is telling Ezekiel about wading out into the deep spiritual waters. This river speaks of progression. You may not be where you want to be but you are making progress. The deeper you go in the river the less control you have and the deeper you go in the river than the less flesh you see. Ezekiel had to take steps to move into deeper waters.  In order to go on, we had to leave where we are at. Too often we don’t want to leave the familiar but it’s so comfortable.

Finally, Ezekiel was carried out into water that was too deep for him to touch bottom. That’s the place where you must learn to depend upon the leading of the Holy Spirit. Ezekiel had gone so far from the shore that he could no longer walk back. The challenge is always the next step because that next step could take me out of some drama, and some misery and some mud. You’re one step away from a glory you’ve never seen before. You could be one step away from the miracle! Take another step and jump in all the way! Let’s go swimming!

Get Back Up!

Maybe you have been knocked down or life has thrown you an unexpected curve.  It could be marriage problems, sickness, or a financial disaster. It may have knocked the breath out of you. The bottom line is: that wasn’t a stopping point but a new starting point. Whatever you are going through, it’s just a season. It’s your season to go through it! What you call failure, God may call a window of opportunity for learning. You may have been given a new opportunity and a new open door.  Sometimes your greatest failure brings you to your greatest victory. Refuse to lay there and die but get up and go on!

In John 21, Peter decides to quit and then goes fishing because he feels there is nothing left for him after betraying Christ.  Peter is confused and guilty and he could still hear the echo of the roster crow and couldn’t forgive himself. Why did he choose fishing? Maybe it because it’s where he met Jesus. Go back to the altar! Go back to the Father’s House! Sometimes when you have fallen, it’s good to go back to where it all began. Jesus comes to Peter and offers him another starting point, a second chance. Failure doesn’t have to be a hitching post but it can be a guide post!

You’re not a failure not because you fall but only if you don’t get back up.  If you get up just once more than you fall then you’re a success! Refuse to let your dilemma become your demise! Renew your commitment! No matter what you have done, God can still restore and use you. Jesus will set you on a new course! It doesn’t matter how bad things look, God is still on the throne and he can do anything if you will just believe. Make the choice that you will not go down but will continue to move forward!

How Much Longer, Lord?

There is no person that enjoys waiting in line. If you are in traffic it always seems that your line of traffic is the slowest. That concept is the same in department and grocery store lines and even in church. Often, it seems that our one of our spiritual gifts is impatience and not patience. But the waiting process is not all bad. In this process God is molding us to become more like Him and making us ready for His promises. But the question still lingers is how long will God let this happen in my life? Remember that God is faithful and will deliver you on time.

In John 5, a man has been waiting by a pool staring at the water and watching for the slightest ripple. The man was waiting for an angel to stir and then be the first one in the water to receive healing for his sickness. But he has been in line for 38 years and could only watch other people get healed and blessed. The man probably thought about quitting. This was a real struggle and had to be incredibly frustrating. It looks like from all natural evidence that he will never be healed but Jesus shows up. Jesus is Lord over our circumstances and shows up in perfect time.

Somebody’s dream is on life support and you’re about to pull the plug. You are in the fight of your life and you just don’t feel like you’ve got any fight left. Be encouraged!

Hold on! Jesus is coming! Faith never quits! The difference between success and failure is just getting up one more time than you fall. The main ingredient of this man’s miracle was persistence. Your Faith must never quit! Your money may run out, your feelings may run out or even friends may run out! But your faith will carry you through!
  • All Things Are Possible
    January 30, 2017
    Do you believe that there is anything that God cannot do? In Matthew 19:26, With God, all
    things are possible. The trouble is not with God but that we set our expectations too low and are
    satisfied with mediocrity. We go to God for him to patch our tires when God wants to give us a
    brand new set of tires. God is setting his people free. You can be a child of God and still be
    bound. We can be bound by religion or traditions and even our preset limitations.
    In Mark 3, Jesus entered again into the synagogue. This is what the church needs today is the
    manifest presence of Jesus. We’ve got talent and A/C and carpet on the floors and padded pews
    but what we need Jesus to show up and stay in our churches and our homes. Jesus was going to
    the synagogue to heal a man with a withered hand. The religious groups of that day, the Pharisees
    were not happy about Jesus being there. Not all religious people really want Jesus to show up at
    church. Many times it’s religion that’s greatest hindrance to the presence of Jesus. But if you are
    hungry and thirsty for God He will climb over the top of religion and bless you!
    In 1 Cor. 2:9, No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared
    for those who love him. What if we dare to ask for even more? Maybe we’re afraid that God may
    use us. God could have blown open the Red Sea but he chose to use Moses! God could have
    smashed the walls of Jericho, but He chose to use Joshua! God could have healed the lame man
    at the gate but he chose to use Peter and John! His plan is so much bigger than we can imagine!