Somethings Moving, Somethings Changing:

With the growth we have experienced over the years, we are currently in the process of purchasing land to build a new church! This is an exciting adventure for The Well @ Jones Swamp PH Church!

Pastor Tom began attending The Well in 2006, with only 22 people in attendance, including him & his wife! Although he wasn’t the pastor at the time, he was aware the Lord had Mighty plans for this church.

We are awaiting the next step and believe there is a place for you to be apart of what God is doing! We want you! 


Stay tuned to what’s coming next!


Come join us and see for yourself!




On October 8, 2019, we purchased seven acres of land near our current location.  The back story goes like this…. we were informed that the land was available for purchase but we were concerned about the asking price. We prayed about it and waited on the Lord. 
One Sunday morning, during our second service, when Pastor Tom was preaching the Lord gave him a prophetic word and he spoke it. The Lord said that we are purchasing the land. That we would no longer be hidden but put in a more visible place. We haven’t had plans drawn yet, but we are excited for what our future holds! Please continue to pray for us as we seek His perfect will!